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Open Forum with Colibri
Date: 12/20 17:00 to 12/20 18:00
Address: 48 Aini street
Landmark: Hilton
Entrance: -

COLIBRI is a young and ambitious team of professionals in the it industry of Tajikistan. One of the main values of the company is the introduction of innovative functions in each product. Guests at the Open Forum Tcell co – sponsors the COLIBRI Faridun Amonov (Faridun Zamonov) and Jahongir Jalolov!

Faridun and Jahongir will speak on the topic "about IT and communications in simple language, or why COLIBRI succeeds". 
The guys will share their experience of creating a company, successful projects and offensive mistakes, their views on the development of the information technology market in Tajikistan. 

The open Forum will be useful for everyone who wants to learn about new opportunities for internships and training in IT for young people.

Starts at 17:00