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Animal World
Country: Китай,
Genre: Han Yang
Actors: Li Yifeng, Zhou Dongyu, Michael Douglas, Eric Hayes, Alberto Lancelotti, Archibald Si McCall IV

The plot is dedicated to the story of the actor-loser Zheng Kai-chi, who works as a clown. Suddenly, the guy finds himself in a difficult life situation, when his mother goes to hospital in grave condition. Zheng himself can not pay off huge debts until he has a unique chance to take part in certain mysterious survival games that take place on a cruise ship where people from all over the world can be met. The winner of the match is promised a write-off of all money debts, so the protagonist decides to try fate and join the game, not even suspecting what incredibly dangerous consequences this will lead.

"Planet of Beasts" is a Chinese action-packed action film based on the Japanese manga "Kaizi" by Nobuyuki Fukumoto. Participation in the film was marked by Li Yifeng, Zhou Dongyu and Michael Douglas, and Han Yang ("Go, Mister Tumor!", "First Time") directed and screenwriter.