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Type: Galleries,
Address: PR. Rudaki 31
Landmark: Ministry of justice
Presented goods : Classic clothes and shoes, women's shoes, t-shirts.
Short Description : Brioni suits and tuxedos are ordered by presidents and influential politicians, Hollywood stars and children of billionaires.

Brioni is one of the best fashion designers of our time, having a great taste and sense of style. But that wasn't always the case. There were times when the author was satisfied with absolutely any pants, shirt, jackets of all styles. Moreover, the materials from which the clothes are made, always suited the future couturier. Everything was pleasant, there were no claims or whims. Until the end of 1945, the two friends decided to open a shop of men's clothing in Rome. Postwar Europe needed a new breath of air. Complete devastation introduced people into depression, so the future author decided in the full sense of the word to change the world. He managed to do it as well as possible.

After seven years of fruitful work was the first show of men's clothing, which immediately made the author famous throughout the country. Starting his creative activity in Italy at home, he infected with his views on fashion, clothes, a good half of humanity. The fame of the talented fashion designer began to spread all over the world.

The fifties were a real breakthrough in art and cinema. All your favorite stars had to wear the envy of others. Brioni was able to give Dolce Vita to ordinary people. Smart dresses and jackets were distinguished by refinement and always pleased an eye of the television audience.

Today Brioni creates its own style, which, adhering to the latest trends, still has its own uniqueness. The author's creations always have a hidden meaning and mystery. The life of the great Brioni is also full of secrets that the public can not unravel. The clothes not only for men are created, but also the female line of clothes is issued. The beautiful half of humanity with Brioni has something to go out and at the same time show off in exquisite accessories from the author. The shoes are made of the best Italian leather. Heels are stable and do not look heavy. Flat shoes always catch the eye, you can not pass by such models, simple and expensive at the same time. Fashionable this year clutches are presented in a wide range, big bags in the form of purses are always convenient for megacities.

Clothing the author is the severity of the lines, classic style. If you have found funds for a skirt, blouse or suit from Brioni, it speaks about your practicality and a great desire to look great. Perfect cut, style of clothing will emphasize any figure and give an expensive gloss. Chic satin from Brioni will refresh the wardrobe of any woman. Stylish accessories are always in place and talk about individuality. It remains to guess what or who really inspires the author to new collections for decades. We only know that the taste of Brioni has not failed yet.

Like good old movies, which have grown more than one generation of wonderful people, Brioni is the standard of good taste and fosters a sense of proportion. The author sets a good example and shows what should be the fashion actually. The result on the face, the name Brioni, obtained thanks to the eponymous resort on the Adriatic, has become one of the most popular among more than one generation.