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DECO interior&exterior
Type: Galleries,
Address: PR. Rudaki 55/1
Landmark: Press house
Presented goods : Decor items (Example: Glowing panel paintings), textiles, Wallpaper, Parquet and laminate flooring, Plumbing, Ceramic tiles, Facade systems and materials.
Short Description : "DECO interior & exterior” is designed to make your life easier, make it more comfortable, stylish.

Welcome to the store " DECO interior&exterior”

Each house and each interior is individual, as well as their owners. Warmth and comfort in our house create objects, details and nuances that are not noticeable at first glance, but they create a unique atmosphere of our home. To emphasize the individual features of our house can be with the help of numerous interior items that will delight you and your loved ones.

The chandeliers and lamps we choose for our homes speak a lot about ourselves, about our lifestyle and priorities. Some people like modern design, and there are those who prefer classic style. It all depends on our taste, needs, wishes and personal ideas about what should be our cozy home.

The DECO interior&exterior shop offers the wide range of subjects of lighting from any materials on your choice:

- elegant crystal chandeliers of classic design;
- modern chandeliers made of art glass;
- table lamps and wall lights;
- design options for children's rooms;
- hi-tech style for dynamic and young.

The store also offers various lighting solutions not only for apartments and houses, but also for hotels, restaurants, Banquet halls and offices.

A stylish arrangement of space “DECO interior&exterior” know in fact, everything!

 "DECO interior & exterior” guarantees a flexible system of promotions and discounts for regular customers.

"DECO interior & exterior" is also pleased to offer you a wide range of porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, Wallpaper, chandeliers, interior items, curtains, parquet and more for the entire space of your homes, apartments, as well as shops, offices and restaurants.

"DECO interior & exterior" is designed to make your life easier, make it more comfortable, stylish and add a little bit of ideas and creativity to your interior and decor.

"DECO" offers its customers the services of designers when buying goods. The best designers will develop for you ideas in 3D-visualization that will answer your individual needs as much as possible.

The main partner of "DECO" and the main priority is the buyer. Also partners of "DECO" are commercial and state enterprises of the Republic.

Shop “DECO” has a stable and developed relations with suppliers, based on this, the store can safely say that the products are of high quality and meets all known standards of today. This enables the maazine to set fair prices for goods and services.

To create a cozy atmosphere in Your home “DECO interior & exterior” we offer household goods for the house of high quality.

In the store "DECO" you can always order and purchase a wide variety of household goods for the home. More information about the presence of certain interior items can be found in the catalogues or on the pages of the site. 
The range of shop includes graceful sets of room and kitchen curtains of various models, accessories for a bathroom and many other things.

All goods for the house are presented in wide color scale, differ in the price and the invoice.

The "DECO" team is experienced, young and friendly professionals who will be able to ensure a clear implementation of your ideas!

Website: http://www.deco.tj/

E-mail: info@deco.tj