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Vitali Ricci
Type: Galleries,
Address: PR. Rudaki 31
Landmark: Ministry of justice
Presented goods : Men's classic clothes and shoes, windbreakers, ties, bags, hats.
Short Description : Бренд Vitali Ricci - это эксклюзивная стильная мужская одежда. Была она создана в Италии.

Vitali Ricci brand is an exclusive stylish men's clothing. It was created in Italy. In Dushanbe, it is represented by the widest range of men's products: pants and jackets, suits and shirts, ties, outerwear, leather goods, accessories.
The team of designers Vitali Ricci creates clothing collections, which have literally become a second skin.
Vitali Ricci shop is famous for a large selection of classic costumes. Classic costumes have always been, are and will be at the peak of popularity. The stylish Vitali Ricci suits create a brutal, elegant and aristocratic image of a man.
Clothing from Vitali Ricci demonstrates the status and respectability of its owner, such a man with all his appearance shows that he is a winner!
In Vitali Ricci store you can easily find what you like, and the friendly staff will be happy to choose the right size.