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“ALI and NINO”.
Date: 02/02 14:00 to 02/02 16:30
Address: 12a Mirzo Tursunzoda street
Landmark: Hotel Vatan
Entrance: Free

Cultural Center “Bactria” invites You to the show 
the film “ALI and NINO”.

the film will be shown on Saturday, February 2, at 14:00.


Director: Asif, Kapadia 
Production countries: Azerbaijan, great Britain 
Production year: 2016
Original language: English 
Professional translation: Russian 
Duration: 100 minutes
Age limit: 18+

The film is set in the late 1910s. This film is a wonderful adaptation of Azerbaijani classics, the novel "Ali and Nino". The book was published in 1937 and still no copyright is established. 
The plot of the film tells how a descendant of an aristocratic Muslim family Ali and Georgian Christian Princess Nino suddenly fell in love with a friend. A couple in love has to fight for the right to happiness with the world around them, where wars are raging – between countries, ideologies, religions and cultures…

Curator of shows Iskandar Usmonov (Iskandar Usmonov).

Starts at 14:00