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Child safety on the Internet
Date: 10/17 17:30 to 10/17 17:30
Address: 105/1 Rudaki Ave., office 113
Landmark: Hotel "Avesto" (pedagogical Institute)
Entrance: -

Theme #2 "Safety of children on the Internet".
It is difficult to imagine a modern teenager who does not have an account in social networks. Communication in the virtual space has become commonplace. Social networks, forums, chats, blogs – the Internet offers great communication opportunities. But a lot of risks await a person, especially an inexperienced user in the virtual space. Many parents do not even think with whom their child communicates online, who adds to friends, who tells about their secrets.
Let's look at the statistics:
- Every 3 parent is unaware of the child's online problems;
- Every 5 child sends strangers personal information;
- 92% of parents cannot help their children solve problems online;
- 84% of children do not ask their parents for help;

Dear parents, do not become figures in statistics, increase your knowledge in the field of cybersecurity, digital literacy and hygiene of virtual communication of your children. And we will help you with this.

Starts at 17:30