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Christmas crafts fair
Date: 12/09 10:00 to 12/09 17:00
Address: Dushanbe Serena Hotel
Landmark: Cinema Vatan
Entrance: -

In honor of the coming New year, the Union of Craftsmen of Tajikistan organizes a new year's Crafts Fair!!!

Artisans with special trepidation and diligence created products that you can buy as a gift to family and friends for the upcoming holidays, namely unique Christmas: Souvenirs, toys made of ceramics and woolen products, interior items, accessories, wooden products and much more. Also you are waiting for master classes, a pleasant atmosphere and communication with the authors.

New year's atmosphere is felt today, so let's spend this day together, where you can not only buy new year's unique products, but also enjoy communication with the masters, who during the year tirelessly created products for you, in which they have invested not only time, but also a piece of their soul. 

The event will start on December 9 from 9:00 to 17: 00 at the Serena hotel in Dushanbe. (landmark: on the contrary, Vatan cinema).

Admission is free, so you can come in the company of their loved ones. Also, you will expect sweets from the artisans themselves in honor of the coming New year, so That your New year is over, sweet, happy and not repeatable!

Starts at 10:00