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Course "Writing and project management»
Date: 07/05 18:00 to 07/19 19:00
Address: Shotemur street, 42
Landmark: Branch of Moscow state University
Phone: 98 514 11 10
Entrance: Details by phone

TcellParking continues a series of interesting and useful courses!
The next course Tcell Parking – "Writing and project management" from Eldar Ablaev, business coach of international class, head of Business Academy Tcell.

This course is for you if you want:
• Learn how to create relevant projects
• How to arouse interest of potential investors in your project
• How to draw up a project implementation plan
• Consider the rules and techniques of writing the project
• Be able to work in a team

During the course, participants will learn the algorithm of writing projects, consider important aspects in the preparation of the project application for the attractiveness of potential investors.

The course is designed for lectures that will be held every 2 weeks:

July 5 – "Effective methods of project team management»
July 19 – "Effective negotiation techniques»

Starts at 18:00