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Evolution of method. Open lecture
Date: 12/02 15:00 to 11/02 18:00
Address: 42 Shotemura street, Parking
Landmark: MSU
Entrance: -

"Evolution of the method" is an open lecture by Jamshed Avazov, which will focus on radical changes in the medium of reading and writing. 
Taking its origins in the modernism of the late 19th century, experiments with the space of literature today have become something ordinary for us, but every evolutionary stage-from the "stream of consciousness" of James Joyce to modern Emoji novels — is a painful understanding of the world and a way to speak with him in the same language. Faced with the criticism of the conservative majority, writers innovators often turned out to be outsiders of culture, but also the only ones who really tried to understand the relevance of their time.
Speaker: Jamshed Avazov-translator, book reviewer, permanent participant of fanzin about avant-garde American literature Pollen fanzine.

Starts at 15:00