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Weekly Dushanbe City Free Walking Tour
Date: 12/02 05:00 to 12/02 09:00
Address: Dusti square
Landmark: I. Somoni monument
Entrance: Free

The 4 hours Free Walking Tour entertains throughout as we delve into Tajik history, culture, traditions, and the evolution of Dushanbe as a city. Exploring the cities major sights we will start the tour at Dusti square, where the monument of Ismail Somoni is located. Walking through Rudaki and Flagpole parks, we will visit the national museum afterwards, where we will learn a lot about Tajikistan's history and geography. Later we will walk down the Somoni Avenue to Navruz Palace, where we will witness the amazing art of Tajik craftsmanship. From Navruz palace, we will jump on a trolleybus and make our way to Iram - Botanical Garden of Dushanbe where we will visit the Kishlok or village with traditional Tajik houses.

Sights we visit on the tour
Dusti square
Rudaki Park
Flagpole Park
National museum
Navruz Palace
Iram - Botanical Garden

Start: Dusti square - right under Ismail Somoni monument
Finish: Iram - Botanical garden
Departures: Every Sunday at 10 am
No Age limit
Walking distance: 4 km
Price: 0$ (guide is paid by Indy Guide)
Not included: entrance fees (61 Somonis)

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Starts at 05:00