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Photo exhibition: "Deep and real!"
Date: 03/21 10:00 to 03/21 14:00
Address: Sports bar "Istiqlol"
Landmark: Restaurant Merwe
Entrance: Details by phone

March 21 was not chosen by chance - this is a symbolic designation of the down syndrome, the cause of which is trisomy 21 pairs of chromosomes: a person with such a syndrome, 21 pairs of chromosomes have three copies. Translated into the "language of the calendar" was the 21st of the third month, ie-March 21.

Public Organization "SIDA" center for support of parents of children with down syndrome is not the first year supports this international initiative, conducting various activities. This year NGO "CIDA" 23 March, the sports bar "Istiqlol" will hold the opening of the photo exhibition entitled "Deeply and truly!", where he will present the works (photos) of children with down syndrome.

Anyone will be able to purchase any photo-work of the solar child she auction, thus contribute to the support of educational programs for children of our center.

Just waiting for you:
- #WEST band performance
- Musical performance on guitar by Daler Ibrohimov (Daler Ibrohimov)
- Flowing notes of Farruh Tursun-zade violin
- Dance "Together we can" and watching the video " do not be silent»

For more information, please call: 987360080

Starts at 10:00