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Game-training: Cash flow!
Date: 05/18 13:00 to 05/18 17:00
Address: M. Tursunzade str., 45
Landmark: spartak stadium»
Entrance: Details by phone

The Creator of the game Cashflow is an American millionaire, success coach, author of the famous books "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", "cash flow Quadrant", "rich Dad's Guide to investing" - Robert Kiyosaki.The game was designed by him to people of different ages and professions, playing the game in a safe space could evaluate the strategy of their thinking, learn new methods and tactics of creating passive income to get out of the "rat race" in real life. This game is based on the knowledge of the richest people in the world about the strategies and ways to create wealth and achieve financial independence.
Also during the game you can analyze, track, feel the internal strategies in relation to the people who surround us. All this will help the participants to track and understand the strengths and weaknesses of their thinking, to understand how they can be improved and developed to the desired level. In addition, players have the opportunity to try out new tactics and strategies in relation to the management of personal finances, negotiating.

- The number of players at the table is 3 - 6 people.
- The game lasts 3 hours, which symbolizes 30 years of life. The total training time is about 4 hours, because in addition to the game there is an interaction between the players and the host, exchange of experience, analysis of the results of the game and elaboration of conclusions that can be very individual for each player.
- The basic rule of the training: "EVERYTHING is AS IN LIFE."

What the participant receives:
- Training skills of maintaining your own financial balance.
- Training of financial management methods.
- Training the ability to create productive partnerships in order to achieve their own and team goals.
- Training of skills to control the situation, achieve the desired result using new information and previous experience.
- Conscious monitoring by each participant of their own strategies in relation to personal Finance, investment, resource efficiency (money, time, information, knowledge).
- Development of new financial management strategies to increase them.
- Development of the attitude to money as a means of achieving goals, dreams, ensuring the necessary level of financial independence.
- Feedback from the host.

Participation fee: 150 somoni

Coach of the game: Certified leading transformational games, graduate of the Higher School of Practical Psychology - Nargiz Nazarova.

Starts at 13:00