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Concentrate 25.0
Date: 12/01 13:00 to 12/02 21:00
Address: Tursunzoda 45, Like Center
Landmark: Spartak stadium
Entrance: -

One day, lots and lots of "Concentrates" ago, Ayaz shabutdinov decided to hold an event where people will be able to level the business skills to close the gaps and to develop yourself as a person. And he succeeded! 

Twenty — fifth in a row "concentrate" - anniversary. I cannot believe. 

In just 2 days we are with you: 
- start the process of becoming a new personality;
- get an effective method of starting a business and practical tools for its development;
- learn where to look for money and how to negotiate with those who have it;
- catch a big idea in the air. 
Tens of thousands of people have a desire to become happy and start living by their own rules. And we have opportunities.  That's important. 
Write in the comments "I will!"if you go to this Grand business event. 
See you on the anniversary "Concentrate 25.0"!

Starts at 13:00