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Master-class “Taxes and transparency in the development of business"
Date: 01/26 13:00 to 01/26 17:00
Address: Tcell plaza
Landmark: Ministry of culture
Entrance: Free

Another opportunity for entrepreneurs and start-UPS to improve their knowledge in the field of taxation on January 26, 2019 will be a master class on “Taxes and their transparency in business development” with the participation of candidate of economic Sciences, a specialist in the field of public Finance, author of more than 100 research papers vazova Sobir Zokirovich.
The following issues will be discussed at the event:
- Business registration forms (advantages and disadvantages between them).
- The tax on land for growing agricultural products.
- The system of taxation of companies operating under the franchise.
- Tax benefits for entrepreneurs.
 System nalogoblozheniya companies with chain stores.
- Tax on the sale of the product via the Internet.

Admission is free
The event will be held in Tajik.
Beginning at 14: 00
Address: 11 floor, Huseynzoda Tcell plaza street, Dushanbe.
For more information call: +992 93 999 94 73; e-mail: orzulab@gmail.com
The event is held within the framework of the UNDP Orzulab initiative in partnership with " Accelerate Prosperity»

Starts at 13:00