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MediaCAMP Festival
Date: 08/19 09:00 to 09/21 17:00
Address: Dushanbe
Landmark: Opera and Ballet theater
Phone: +992372271361
Entrance: FREE

September 19-21, 2019 in Dushanbe will be the largest in Central Asia festival for media professionals MediaCAMP Festival. 

The finalists of MediaCAMP Award will take part in the festival. Internews assumes the costs of travel and accommodation. 

Mediacamp Festival participants will have discussions and workshops. We will talk about the future, the heroes of the media, learn how to create effective mailings.

The festival will also include: 

- presentation of the Internews study;
- discussions and master classes on media literacy;
- discuss the possibilities of media in YouTube;
- presentation of interesting local projects 
- film screenings and discussion, and much more. 

Starts at 09:00