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International Forum I
Date: 03/02 09:00 to 03/02 17:30
Address: 26/1 St. Ismoili Somon
Landmark: Kokhi Navruz
Entrance: 400 somoni

After the winter, always spring. It's always dawn at sunset. If attention to every detail, it is always love.

5 Countries and all new Speakers, music for the soul and from the soul, fragrant gifts, delicious coffee, delicate desserts, gourmet food, jokes and gifts from (Yes,Yes!) Speakers, The heavenly Chancellery and the call to the Universe.

March 2, 10.00, Hyatt Regency, forum" I " 2019 waiting for the most beautiful to meet the new spring!

The ticket price is 400 somoni.
15% DISCOUNT when buying 5 tickets.

Join The forum " I " and follow the news!

Starts at 09:00