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Ночь пожирателей рекламы
Date: 09/29 13:00 to 09/29 22:00
Address: Diar Dushanbe
Landmark: Youth Park
Entrance: -

The 2018 programme: 
- 2.5 hours of super-advertising from Jean Marie bursiko - up to 1,000 minifilms at one time in one place!
And another 3 hours of incredible pleasure!
- Show program from the project Dream Lights (Almaty) is a fire and light show and more.
- The illusion of the magician and magician, acrobats and snake, unicycle and juggling... - magic be!
- living statues - the pictures of these creations are pleasing to the eye.
- sweet Julia Bagdanaviciene - we do not mind to be in Paris?
 Drawing TVS from Samsung! - someone's bound to get lucky.
- Yummy mmmm....  food and drink.
- Hot tea, delicious coffee and energy drink in unlimited quantities absolutely FREE!
- Gifts from the organizer of the project - advertising Agency "FOREX".
- Catchy photo zones - for a special mood and in memory of a good evening.
- And a few more surprises from our Partners. 
Masterpieces of world advertising in one single NIGHT. Cinematheque Jean Marie Boursicot, gathered from all over the world again in Dushanbe!
However, we can assure you That the" night of ad – eaters " - is not only and not so much showing videos. This is a cultural and large-scale event that begins long before the viewer enters the hall with a movie screen. "Night" is a holiday! And what holiday can be without music, artists, bright colors, boring drinks and beautiful decoration? Every time. Having come to the place where the "Night" takes place, the guests-spectators immediately get inside the multi-faceted show, where everyone can choose something to their taste. You can participate in the drawings, take a picture against the background of a catchy poster, watch the performance of the actors, listen to the songs of the stars, get Souvenirs from partners.Today "Night" acquired external luster and style. It is rather a social event, where you can show off the evening dress and expensive necklace, but do not be forbidden to come and torn jeans.

Starts at 13:00