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Offline methods of attracting customers
Date: 04/25 15:00 to 04/25 18:00
Address: Barakat shopping centre
Landmark: Secondary school № 8
Entrance: Details by phone

In connection with the rise in price of the Internet, a problem arose and the question arose: "How to further promote YOUR business without being able to access the Internet? "

The work of each of us is directly connected to the Internet, any of our communication has passed on the social.networks and email.

Without the Internet, many of us who sell over the Internet will find it extremely difficult to attract customers.

If you do not solve the problem and do not find an alternative opportunity to join our ranks of customers, there is a high probability that our business will slowly go into the sunset.

 Nightmare!  How to live?
Everything is easy. Visit the training and You will learn:

- Customer jouney map. How to choose unique offline channels to attract customers.
- Creative presentation of advertising. Technology to attract and retain attention.
- How to present prices. 12 price tactics and manipulations.

It remains a matter of small contact us and wait for Thursday, where you will spend time and get a lot of positive emotions.
+992 919 69 41 69
April 25, TC "BARAKAT"

Starts at 15:00