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Parent marathon
Date: 04/20 14:00 to 04/20 16:00
Address: Street of Alamat Ghafar zadeh - 8, 2nd floor
Landmark: Khukumat of the district Shohmansur
Entrance: 40 somoni

Today, parents (mostly mothers), concerned about the behavior of their teenage child, are increasingly turning to psychologists for advice. The main problems are related to the difficulties of communication (communication) within the family and beyond, isolation, resistance, aggression, uncertainty, appearance and much more.
Parents, often criticizing their children, forget that the child becomes what he is, as a result of the influence of primarily the family, and then society. In the process of communication with parents, the presence of psychological difficulties is clarified, first of all, from parents who broadcast it to their children.
Within the framework of the "Parent marathon" dedicated to the children's Day, the psychological Center "Alphabet of personality" and the Initiative group "Psychologists of Tajikistan" offer regular meetings on the psychology of adolescence. The first topic related to adolescents will be devoted to the peculiarities of mental development of adolescent children and the role of parents in this period of life. The second (27.04.) the theme will focus on troubled Teens (more in the post of the next event).
During the meeting you will plunge into the "world of the teenager", to find out why he does not behave as expected by parents, as it can affect the relationship between the teenager and the parent today and in the future. Parents will receive tools to improve interaction in the form of information, practical examples and handouts.
The cost of participation in one meeting 40 somoni. Within the framework of the marathon, the Action "4 for 3" will be valid, which means paying for 3 events at the same time, 4 free of charge. Infoline: 939000317 and 988950011

Starts at 14:00