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Psychology and life
Date: 06/22 13:00 to 06/22 17:00
Address: Business center "Poytaht"
Landmark: spartak stadium
Entrance: 40 somoni

The theme of SUCCESS is quite popular and the world network and a lot of materials, trainings can be seen, read, participate. Everyone has their own understanding of SUCCESS. For someone it is a high-paid job, for someone recognition and respect of society, for someone elementary creation of a full and happy family, and for someone to get up from a wheelchair and go…
Many people come up with great ideas, but not everyone is able to implement them. Someone gives up at the beginning, someone in the middle, and someone at the finish. What's wrong? Answer: it is in our thinking.
How our thinking can affect success, what hinders and what can help, about this and much more at our psychological meeting next Saturday.
The meeting will be useful for:
- young people who strive for self-realization
- for those who can not decide on their life strategies
- for those who want to start their own business,
- for those who started their own business
- for the curious and curious )))
Time and contacts are indicated on the banner.

Starts at 13:00