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Psychology of relationships
Date: 03/16 14:00 to 03/16 18:00
Address: Street of Alamat Ghafar zadeh - 8, 2nd floor,
Landmark: The tax Inspectorate of the district Shohmansur
Entrance: Details by phone

The issues of relations between men and women, and related issues of interest to many. Knowing the psychology of the relationship, can we protect ourselves from possible disappointments, keep love, protect family – relationship from breaking up and much more....

Every person in his life wants to be happy, to meet the only(th) and unique(th) and true love.
Having created a family, we are sure that our dreams have come true! All I want in life to have support, understanding, warmth, peace and to live together. If love is what we were together, they longed to be together, they already know the characters, habits, customs... and much more about each other.
But in reality, how deeply they know each other…
Having created a family, how long they will be able to maintain harmony in the relationship, is it possible at all? Who is more to blame for the emergence of conflict situations? How best to resolve conflict situations and maintain relationships?

Starts at 14:00