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Psychology of life
Date: 03/23 14:00 to 03/23 16:00
Address: St. Valamatzade 8, 2nd floor.
Landmark: Khukumat of the district Shohmansur
Entrance: Details by phone

The topic of sex education and sexuality is not a frequently discussed topic in our territory.
Most parents do not know how to present this kind of information to children, because they most likely do not know how to do it. They in every possible way are fenced off, transfer or in General impose a taboo on this subject. As a result, their children still find the necessary information, because it is curious, because hormones. But from whom and how – it's a different story.
In practice, it is revealed that not knowing their sexuality and the characteristics of the opposite sex often lead to vaginismus (psychophysiological problems in girls after the wedding ) and aversion to sex, infidelity, and as a consequence, to divorce, etc.
Usually with such problems, people are very careful, distrustful, sometimes do not know with whom you can talk about these topics. If we do not talk, we will be ready to get useful information from people who have experience in this area, the problems can go from the "problem" section to the "opportunity"section.
"Alphabet of personality" and "Psychologists of Tajikistan" offer not only to get useful information, but to talk on this topic frankly. Is it possible that some "unsolvable" questions in your opinion will find their answers and it will improve the quality of your life?!
The meeting will take place on Saturday 23 March 2019. Meeting time 14.00-16.00.
Address: St Valamatzade 8, 2nd floor. (Reference for Chucumata district Shohmansur)
Participation 40 somoni. Infoline 939000317

Starts at 14:00