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Draw from Southern Fried Chicken Tajikistan
Date: 12/25 08:00 to 12/28 11:00
Address: Avenue Rudaki 92
Landmark: Opera and ballet theatre
Entrance: Free

And here is the promised new year's Action!

This time it's serious and very much!

A whole basket of chicken pieces, pizza Symphony, 5 cheeseburgers, 5 servings of your favorite French fries and of course 5 bottles of Coca-Cola 0.5 liters! Wanted? Then participate and fulfill all the conditions of the competition, and perhaps it is you who will win this super set.

Conditions are very simple:

1) Be a subscriber to Southern Fried Chicken Tajikistan

2) like And share this post

3) Mentioning 4 friends, who would you have gobbled up all the treats

4) only residents of Dushanbe can participate in the competition.

5) for the period of the promotion and identification of the winner, the pages of the participants must be open.

The winner will be determined on December 28 at 11.00 am using the service https://commentpicker.com/

Good luck!

Starts at 08:00