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Seminar. "Why 47? All about down syndrome"
Date: 01/19 10:00 to 01/19 14:00
Address: 48 Ayni, Dushanbe
Landmark: Ambulance
Entrance: Free

WHY 47? What does down Syndrome mean? Is an extra chromosome a barrier or an opportunity? What does Early Inclusion mean? Children with special educational needs-who are they? What is Inclusive education and why is it necessary? Why should all children learn together? You will find answers to these and other questions if you take part in open heart seminars! DEAR friends, parents, specialists, partners Open hearts invite everyone on JANUARY 19 in the business center Creation (landmark Ambulance street Aini 48 - 2nd floor Coworking office )to the seminar. Start at 10: 00 am. For more information and to participate in the seminar please call and register by phone: Dilbar 937749955 and 907912511 Zarina,

Starts at 10:00