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Soft Skills from IMHO on IX
Date: 03/17 14:00 to 03/17 16:00
Address: 42 Shotemur Street
Landmark: Lomonosov Moscow state University, branch in Dushanbe
Entrance: Details by phone

"They say the devil is in the details. Happiness lies in the details.

There were two candy stores near the school. The friendly vendors, the same sweets, same price. However, in one store students went much more often. Why? In the first store, the seller from booze mountain of jelly beans on the scales and cleaned, while the mountain can't match the amount that is paid by the student. In the other shop seller added sweets slowly on the scale to the maximum number. And this is the addition of the children liked much more."- Azamat Nabiyev

This Sunday Azamat Nabiyev is waiting for everyone to talk about effective tools for a happy client.

Starts at 14:00