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Tajikistan Selfie Show
Date: 04/27 11:00 to 04/27 22:00
Address: the area of 800 anniversary of Moscow
Landmark: Opera and ballet theatre. S. Aini
Entrance: Details by phone


On April 27, the square of the 800th anniversary of Moscow will begin Tajikistan Selfie Show, where you can become an Instagram star by taking a selfie on HUAWEI P30 lite!

In honor of the start of sales of HUAWEI superiority P30 lite show-the program waits for you:
- Artists and bloggers;
- Professional makeup;
- Models and photographers.

As well as the drawing of many prizes and the main one - Huawei P30 lite smartphone.

Come, take your best selfie and become an Instagram star!

Starts at 11:00