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Technology show " T-tech 2019"
Date: 03/23 15:00 to 03/24 20:00
Address: Dushanbe Mall
Landmark: School № 4
Entrance: Details by phone

Information technology has become a part of our life, making it even more intense and interesting!
If you want to touch innovative technologies, then you here: on the technological show "T-tech 2019", organized by Tcell together with the shopping center "Dushanbe Mall" (Auchan city). Here you can learn about new mobile applications, technological innovations and the latest advanced solutions in the field of electronics
Your acquaintance with the world of technological innovations will be complemented by delicious food and energy cocktail – a concert of pop stars.
Tech show "T-tech by 2019" will take place on 23 and 24 March at 15 hours in the outdoor Parking in shopping centre "Dushanbe Saying"!
Come, it will be technologically interesting!

Starts at 15:00