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The closing ceremony of season 2 the Other
Date: 01/19 16:00 to 01/19 20:00
Address: 47 avenue of druzhba narodov
Landmark: Brewery
Entrance: Free

The ceremony will take place in the sports bar Istiklol on January 19 at 16:00.
Admission is free.
Take your girlfriends, friends, dress up and enjoy the evening!

Each of the participants has prepared a surprise for you!

The program was selected individually, and was aimed not only at external changes, but also sports, dance, counseling and classes with a psychologist. 

What difficulties were during the last 3 months, what participants experienced and what result they came to-all firsthand at the closing ceremony.

And a bonus-in the event you will be able to get a ticket on the Forum with a 20% discount!

Starts at 16:00