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The free Exchange of Books and Love
Date: 02/14 15:00 to 02/14 19:00
Address: 66 Rudaki Avenue
Landmark: The Hotel Tajikistan
Entrance: Details by phone

February 14, in addition to Valentine's Day, the world hosts an unusual event-the international day of giving books.
Her goal is simple and good – to GIVE a GOOD BOOK! And inspire other people to do the same wonderful thing.

International book donation day is an ordinary initiative that is held exclusively by volunteers just like you! In Dushanbe, it will be held for the first time, on February 14 at the Mazza Cafe from 15: 00 to 19: 00 you will be able to come and exchange your books, the event also includes an exhibition of young artists, live music, drawing books, mini-debates on the theme of love, body art, a round table and much more!

Inquiries by phone: +992501301254 +992901067131 (Viber / WhatsApp) | yumenoki.dyc@gmail.com

Starts at 15:00