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The League Of Robots Dushanbe
Date: 12/15 12:00 to 12/20 12:00
Address: 10 Jabbor Rasulov street
Landmark: Confectionery 555
Entrance: -

League of Robots Dushanbe plays 10 hot dogs

Even from school you can switch a little and eat" the same hot dogs " from HotDogger.

The winner can win a certificate for as much as 10 hot dogs!
All you need to do the following:
- Subscribe to the page-League of Robots Dushanbe;
- Celebrate friends;
- Share your post so your friends and family can try their luck!

And now important information:
- One participant will win a certificate for 10 hot dogs (5 barbecues and 5 cheese dogs);
- For one visit the winner can order two hot dogs;
- Fake accounts cannot participate in the draw;
- The draw will last until 20.12, 12: 00 h.;
- The draw takes place on the territory of Dushanbe.

Starts at 12:00