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The Night Of The Ad Eaters
Date: 08/17 18:00 to 08/17 23:00
Address: street Huvaidulloev, 2/1
Landmark: French embassy
Entrance: Details by phone

In the 2019 program:
- 2.5 hours of super-ads from the Jean Marie Boursicot - up to 300 minifilms at one time in one place!
And 3 more hours of incredible pleasure!

- Especially for the "Night..." straight from Dubai sent a terrific artist, producer, songwriter and, of course, a cool singer, stunning voice - Active.

- You will be met by a bright group with photos that will please the eye.

- Dream Lights show project (Almaty) is flying to us from Almaty. And again, a lot of light, a lot of colors, a lot of uniqueness.
- Jokes from the host – stand-up comedian Ardasher Isayev.

- Catchy photo zones - for a special mood and in memory of a good evening.
- Necessarily Goodies from our Food-Partners. Nobody will remain hungry!
- Hot tea in unlimited quantities absolutely FREE!
- Gifts from the organizer of the project - advertising Agency "Forex".
- And of course the gifts from our Partners, the prize draw... – You will certainly be lucky!

Starts at 18:00