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The system of Motivation in the sales Department
Date: 02/07 15:00 to 02/07 17:00
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Proper motivation of the sales Department is the key to success. ...
Do you want to build an effective motivation system in the sales Department?

The motivation of the sales Department is an inexhaustible topic, and, perhaps, causing the greatest number of questions from the owners.

The motivation of the sales Department is what makes many organizations lose money constantly, every month, year after year.

With experience, many managers come to the conclusion that the "classical" system of motivation of their sellers in the form of "salary + percentage of sales" is, to put it mildly, not very effective. Colleagues from offline business (retail outlets), often complain that when they are present or even communicate with customers themselves, along with their sellers – there are sales, but it is necessary to distract or, God forbid, get sick – sales fall, and sometimes fall quite sharply.

And there is a wish, to take all and to dismiss, having gathered new, more "adequate" sellers. Stops, usually, or fear to dismiss without consequences, or unwillingness to bother again with search and training of personnel, after all this process not fast, as a rule, and not the fact that sewed on soap you will not change.

Date: February 7
Venue: BC Creation.

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