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The Training "Strengthening Of Marketing"
Date: 05/18 13:00 to 06/08 17:00
Address: Ismoil Somoni Avenue, 3/2
Landmark: Secondary school № 8
Entrance: Details by phone

Do you care about the following questions:
- Few new customers
- Price competition, dumping
- Negative word of mouth.
- Clients are dissatisfied and speak about you badly or don't speak (are silent)
- High outflow of current customers
- The wrong customers are coming.
- Low efficiency of sellers
- Low level of customer satisfaction
- Sales do not grow or grow to 20% per year, not even ahead of inflation
- Small marketing budget, can't afford mass advertising
- There is no development in the business. Doing what you used to do?

--- If you answered "Yes" to at least 5 questions from this list, then this course is for you.

Marketing funnel. Diagnosis of the state of the marketing system.
Identification of bottlenecks and key stage of the funnel.
Development of strategy to achieve marketing goals.

Preparation of a marketing message. 22 chips effective message. The nuances of different advertising media.
Mapping the impact. I'm an operator technology.
Generation of methods to attract customers.
How to choose the method of attracting customers. Rapid analysis.

Target audience segmentation and positioning
The development of UTP
How to convey the message of the product to customers. 5 stages of the client's way. Principles of communication at each stage.

Points of contact with the target audience. We expand and strengthen influence.
Scripts sales by phone, messengers, sales tete-a-tete.
Tools to increase the average check
Stock. Type of shares. Rules of effective actions. Planning, launching, monitoring and analysis.

Fast digital marketing. Attract customers from 1 week.
Fast clients from Instagram
Fast clients with Facebook/Vkontakte/Odnoklassniki
Chat-bots, and 2 -, 3-step sale.

Promotion of repeat sales. Loyalty program
Viral marketing. Word of mouth. Stimulation and management.
CRM. Step-by-step selection and implementation steps.
How to become a market leader and keep your share.

Date: Every Saturday
Time: 13:00-17:00
Place: Dushanbe, TC Barakat 2nd floor (office VIPConsulting)

Number of participants: 15 people

For corporate clients discounts are provided

To clarify the cost and start date, please leave a request by phone: (+992) 919 69 41 69

Starts at 13:00