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Time management - work less, manage more!
Date: 04/12 17:30 to 04/12 19:00
Address: Sadriddin Aini street, 48
Landmark: BTS Creation
Entrance: 50 somoni

Educational project "T-MBA" together with Puzzle-Coworking invite You to a master class on the topic: "Time management"☺
The motto of a professional time Manager: Work less, do more!⠀
When do you need to implement time management for staff?
- When the company grows. The growth of the company requires the transfer of authority to employees. They have to plan their own work.
- When performance is a key indicator. If the success of the company depends on the efficiency of specialists and top managers.
- When new products are constantly being developed. The company introduces new products, enters a new market. At the same time, specialists have to solve more and more new problems.
If You notice that your employees do not cope with new tasks and forget about deadlines, this is not a reason to dismiss them. Perhaps they lack self-organization, then this master class is for You!
What You will get at the training:
• get acquainted with the methods of formation of life goals and long-term planning;
• work out the skills of planning the working day;
• find your "anchor-settings" on the workflow;
• learn to identify key time sinks in your workflow;
• get educational material that You can use in your future life and work;

The master class is the beginning of the course "Basics of Business" - this is the beginning of a full program. After the Master class, you will be able to enroll and continue training on the course "Basics of Business" on the International program "Start and Improve Your Business".

Registration by the following numbers: (+992) 44-600-56-65, (+992) 8888-15-115, Telegram (+992) 93-703-15-15.
Registration is open until 11 April 18:00.
Entrance: 50 somoni.

Starts at 17:30