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Training game for women!
Date: 04/16 16:37 to 04/16 16:37
Address: M. Tursunzade str., 45
Landmark: spartak stadium
Entrance: Details then phone

What am I? What do I really want? We often ask these questions. We're so different, sometimes we exceed our own expectations, and sometimes we blame ourselves for not being able to keep our mouths shut.

Each image of the goddess carries your feminine energy. In ordinary life, women exhibit only some of these energies.

At the training game You will have the opportunity to get acquainted with your manifested and not manifested goddesses (archetypes). You will feel every one inside. Go beyond self-image and fill your life with integrity and harmony.

Thanks to the game:
• You will learn to accept yourself for who You are!
• Understand the strategies of which Goddesses control Your life situations!
• Go beyond these scenarios.
• Learn to skillfully present your divine virtues and exploit your shortcomings.
• You will feel its very value and uniqueness, and from it will build your future life!
• And also have a great time and relax, get the benefit and pleasure!

Leading: Nargis Nazarova - psychologist-consultant, leading the international project "Women's Academy" in Dushanbe, certified leading psychological games, coach of women's programs.

The cost of the game 150 somoni.
The duration of the game is 3 - 4 hours.
Number of participants - 4.
Individual game - 400 somoni.

Only by appointment.
You may enroll in a private message or call: 918611804.

Starts at 16:37