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Training: "Leadership is a responsibility!"
Date: 06/18 17:30 to 06/18 18:30
Address: Shotemur street, 42
Landmark: Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov, branch in Dushanbe
Entrance: 30 somoni

"Hundreds of meetings and interviews, as well as fifteen years of training in various areas of practical psychology allowed me to conclude that any business is, first of all, people: those who run the business and those who work in it, those who are our customers and partners. In most cases, the success of the business depends on these people. The more happy and harmonious they are, the more creative, productive and open to new ideas," Elena Sattarova said.

A leader is not a perfect person without flaws, he is a person who is able to take responsibility and realize his own vision.

On Tuesday evening business coach, practicing psychologist, coach of AMB "SAMO", Director of consulting company SATORY GROUP TJ Elena Sattarova and AMB team are waiting for you at the training "Leadership is responsibility»

The ticket price is 30 somoni.

Registration by phone: 919 09 52 93; 378 82 22 82

Starts at 17:30