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Training Tony Robbins
Date: 09/01 to 09/01
Address: 48 Ayni st
Landmark: Choreographic College
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September 1 will premiere his new business program.

All business coaches and coaches are divided into the following groups:
teaching techniques
implementing technology in business
giving a strategy
Working with the thinking and beliefs of a businessman
working with emotional state
coach for spirituality

Tony works with all 5 first levels. Therefore, he is the most expensive coach in the world. One day of coaching costs $ 1 million. Tony teaches people to walk on coals with a temperature of 2200 degrees.

He with 2 million dollars in business for 3 years left on 600 million. Annual turnover of his companies of 2 billion dollars. Do you know how he succeeds?


His uniqueness lies in the fact that he is making a transformation with man. Quantum state jump. In a relatively short time. Do you know how he does it?

His clients: Bill Clinton and other presidents, Hollywood stars, Olympic champions, etc.

Here's what the training itself will be about Tony:
Proven tools for business development. Sales funnels: Tony examines how each funnel stage is improved by small actions by 13%, while the total turnover is increased by 30%.
Negotiations, food packaging
Triggers and abstracts on the characteristics of the product
How to give a product value to a customer
Author's models of compiling the Unique Trade Proposal

But Tony planned for us such results: