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Voguing - Master Class
Date: 02/11 14:00 to 02/11 17:00
Address: 6A Rudaki Avenue. Hotel "Hizmati Tochik" 2nd floor
Landmark: Sadbarg shopping center
Entrance: Free

Admission is FREE AND STRICTLY by appointment 

Vogue is a style of dance based on model poses and catwalk gait. Advantages: fast technique of hand movements, artsy mannered gait, falls, spins, and copious amounts of Pozarevac, emotional game.

Coach: Pap of Vogue Tajikistan Maxim Alexandrov ( First VOGUE coach in Tajikistan )

For the record: +992 883331311

Address: Rudaki 6A, Hotel "Hizmati Tochik" 2nd floor

Starts at 14:00