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Exhibition of paintings by Lola Sharipova
Date: 11/03 17:00 to 11/03 19:00
Address: Ul. Shotemur, 42 (Parking)
Landmark: MSU
Entrance: -

An exhibition of paintings by young artist, Lola Sharipova, will be held in the Capital Cultural and Entertainment Cafe “Parking” this weekend. There will be performed two exhibitions: abstract and modern art.

According to the artist, her works are devoted to the discovery of the inner world of humanity. “I think all artists and musicians, as well as figures of any other craft, are not held to typical limitations because “can ”and“ cannot ”,“ yes ”and “no” are alien to the imagination of a creative person.”

The exhibition of paintings will be held on November 3rd from 17:00 to 19:00. Due to the unique design of the art, you will have the opportunity to chat with interesting people in addition to meeting the artist.

The purpose of the exhibition is to expand current boundaries and barriers where a woman and anyone can show that the limits of your own worldview are endless!

The exhibition hopes to show that anyone, regardless of gender, can create art and push social boundaries and broaden existing worldviews!

Starts at 17:00