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Zumba Party
Date: 06/16 10:00 to 06/16 12:00
Address: Botanical garden of IRAM
Landmark: City clinical hospital № 5
Entrance: 20 somoni

On 16 June at 10.00, in the Botanic garden of Dushanbe, NGO “HEROD”, OO “of Carvone Umed” training cafe “DAR YAK ZAMIN” social cafe "CHATR" launch its fiery Latino ZUMBA PARTY marathon "to Live TOGETHER"!

During one meeting you will see a master class from three professional Zumba coaches, experience a lot of positive emotions and be filled with energy for the whole summer!
The entrance fee is 20 somoni. The event is charitable and aimed at supporting children and young people with special needs and vulnerable women who have been abused.
Delicious pastries from the cafe "Chatr" and "Dar Yak Zamin" decorate the event with their flavors and tastes!

Come and bring your friends!

Starts at 10:00