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A police officer with the ruble. New year's mayhem
Country: Russia,
Genre: Ilya Kulikov
Genre: Comedy,
Actors: Alexander Petrov, Sergey Burunov, Roman Popov, Tatiana Babenkova, Sofia Kashtanova, Alexandra Bortech

In the full-length version of the popular Comedy series already loved and familiar to the audience heroes Grisha Izmailov, Vladimir Yakovlev, nick Izmailov, Christina, Igor V. Muhich, Alena Smirnova and Alice Rybkina fall into the cycle of new year's adventures.

The plot takes place on the eve of the New year. The scene — police "Barvikha North" that the higher authorities intended to close. The police officer from Rublevka Grisha Izmailov intends to save his native Department and his colleagues, and for this he is ready for the most decisive and even absolutely extreme measures. Together with other operas, he develops a desperate plan: this dashing company decided to go to a Bank robbery. Thanks to this secret operation Grisha and his friends want to show that they are able to solve a "difficult case". It is clear that for Izmailov's colleagues headed by the head of Department Yakovlev it won't be difficult to return "stolen" money from Bank and to become thus heroes. And, accordingly, the division on the ruble will not close, and all remain at their posts. However, Grisha and his colleagues are not going the way it was originally intended.