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Country: США,
Genre: Albert Hughes
Actors: Cody Smith-McPhee, Natassia Malta, Leonor Varela, Johannes Hoejkur Johannesson, Jens Hulten, Mercedes de la Zerga

The film's events take place approximately 20,000 years ago, in the era of the late Paleolithic. A group of primitive people goes to another hunt, which begins to go not according to plan and as a result ends not quite successfully for everyone. And for one young guy and is completely tragic - he fights off the group and does not know how to get back to the relatives. Lost and left completely alone, of course, without the opportunity to get help from someone, a youngster should find expensive home.

Solutre was the name of the culture that existed on the territory of present-day Western Europe about 21-17 thousand years ago, whose name became the same name for the film. The director of the picture was Albert Hughes, one of the twin brothers known as the Hughes Brothers, who gave the world the film "The Book of Eli". Their fresh work Solyutra is shot in the style of a historical drama and tells about the complexities of the life of cavemen.

The main film shootings took place in Canada in East Cooley.
Some of the shooting took place in the "Provincial Park Dainosor" in the province of Alberta.
The film is under investigation after information about allegedly killed during filming five buffalo.