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Country: Russia,
Genre: Yevgeny Abyzov
Actors: Yuri Chursin, Angelina Strechin, Mikhail Meshcheryakov, Anastasia Zenkovich, Anar Khalilov, Evgeny Egorov

In the off-season at the black sea resort deserted. It was at this time that the young Catherine met with the visiting company. Her new fun friends there is one strange game: they throw parties at other people's empty houses. They offer the girl to keep them company, and at the same time to suggest the address of such a house. And Katya knows the right place: an old cottage on the coast, which at the beginning of the last century housed a spirit salon. The owner of a secluded house there for a long time did not appear. And this place seems to young people a great option for a holiday. The eerie and disturbing privacy of an abandoned cottage makes the party even more interesting, but in the midst of the holiday something frightening happens: a mysterious owner of the house appears. The person whom Katya loved and did not expect to see is in the power of otherworldly forces.