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It's all or nothing
Country: Russia,
Genre: Dmitry Suvorov
Genre: Comedy, Action,
Actors: Roman Curtin, Arthur Smoljaninov, Kirill Kaganovich, Yuri Stoyanov, Danila Yakushev, Andrey Stoyanov

Three friends work in an ordinary office, performing daily routine work. They are not the most successful and successful managers, but the fire pours their boss, whom they consider a thief. He brazenly appropriates funds, almost openly robbing the company in which friends work. Employees decide that it can't continue any more, and organize almost criminal group. Hoping to get rid of the brazen head, managers come up with a dangerous plan. They're going to steal a lot of money from the boss. According to friends, the amount of 50 million to restore justice and help put the intolerable chief in place. Plan newcomers underworld at first glance it seems quite feasible, but it is not so simple: the money does not belong to their boss, and one of the bigwigs of the criminal world. Then the peers begin the real problems.