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Lost place
Country: Russia,
Genre: Hope Mikhalkov
Genre: Horrors,
Actors: Anna Mikhalkova, Alexey Dyakin, Irina Martynenko, Alexey Martynov, Nikita Yelenev, Sergey Gorodnichy

The plot is devoted to the story of nine high school students involved in a frightening draw at a meeting of talented youth of the prestigious Lyceum. The guys decide to diversify the fun stories about urban legends. Special interest causes recently circulated a rumor about a terrible curse cinemas. The narrator claims that there is a place chosen by the dark forces in the auditorium that can harm the audience, and anyone who will sit in this sinister place, will certainly soon die. But nobody knows what exactly this place is in what series and what number. Gatherings end, horror stories are forgotten, but after a while the curse begins to come true: two of those present die, just after visiting the cinema. Decides to try their luck and the main character.