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MIA and the white lion
Genre: Gilles de Maitre
Actors: The Dania De Villiers, Melanie Laurent, Langley Kirkwood, Ryan, Mac McLennan, Lionel Newton, Lillian, Dube, Brandon Auray, Paul Davis, Ashleigh Harvey, Tessa Jubber

MIA and her family move to South Africa from London, where her parents buy a lion farm. The girl is not happy with anything in a new place, she wants to return to London, where her friends and carefree teenage life remain. But suddenly it falls to care for a small white lion named Charlie, who was left without parents. And her whole life changes dramatically... They become inseparable, until one day MIA finds out that her friend is in serious danger. Then she decides to run away and find a new home for Charlie, where he will be happy and free.