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Country: Канада,
Genre: Benoit Godbut, Jean-François Poulet, François Brisson
Actors: Sonya Ball, Lucinda Davis, Todd Fennell, Noel Fisher, Dawn Ford, Angela Galuppo

Small residents of the canadian village are happy to meet the winter — because now you can arrange a long-awaited race in the snow on a sled. Frankie-bespectacled man and his team, including Sophie as a driver, are going to compete with the newcomers: secretive and conceited Zach and his friend Charlie. Frankie sure to win, because he has developed a truly fantastic sleigh. However, friends waiting for an unpleasant surprise - their innovative technology falls apart right before the finish line. Frankie becomes clear that the reason for this is not constructive errors, and the machinations of their unscrupulous opponents. The boy requires a rematch, which Zach takes on the condition that Frankie build a brand new race track. Friends constructing a Grand sleigh track. Realizing how strong an opponent he will have to fight, Zach raises the bet, deciding once again to go to the meanness for the sake of victory. But Frankie and his team have prepared some surprises for him.