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Seven dinners
Country: Russia,
Genre: Kirill Pletnev
Genre: Comedy,
Actors: Polina Maksimova, Roman Curtin, Vladimir Ilyin, Yelena Yakovleva, Anastasia Ukolov, Alexander Lykov

He is not a very outstanding teacher of psychology, she is an extremely popular translator. They lived together for five years, after which their relations gave a crack. Love between spouses began to gradually subside. Common interests every day becomes less and less. The situation in the family is also complicated by the absence of children. Young people have nothing in common. The first wife decides that their relationship came to an end, and nothing will keep the old affection at her husband to divorce. But the main character understands that he does not want to destroy their marriage, and tries to maintain the relationship and revive the former love and passion. He comes up with a supposedly new scientific method to restore relations and asks his wife to participate in the experiment. The technique is to hold seven family dinners, but not the usual, and held each time a new special scenario. One of the evening the couple should spend without clothes, during another dinner-to be in complete darkness or in the presence of a stranger according to the plan of the protagonist, if his wife after the end of this experiment does not change his mind to divorce, he will no longer interfere with this decision.