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Snow Queen: Through The Looking Glass
Country: Russia,
Genre: Alexey Tsitsilin, Robert Lentz
Actors: Lina Ivanova, Vladimir Zaitsev, Olga Zubkova, Nikita Prozorovsky, Vsevolod Kuznetsov, Laysan Utyasheva, Irina Bezrukova, Nadezhda Angarsk, Nikolai Bystrov

The mighty king haggard nearly lost his family to the Snow Queen. He finds a way to clear the world of magic - all the owners of magical abilities are now imprisoned in the looking glass. Only Gerda can stop him and prevent the fairy tale from disappearing from our world forever. After all, its main strength is not in magic, but in faith in good and friendship. In a new adventure to help Gerda come trolls, pirates and even the snow Queen herself.

The main idea of the cartoon "snow Queen: through the looking glass" - a clash of science and magic, progress and magic. Here will return all the main characters, including rollana. Of course, there will be the snow Queen herself, transformed into a ghostly lady, who sees only Gerda.